Entrance & Exit

St. Marnock’s Graveyard Strand Road Portmarnock

Gate on Strand Road

Gate on Strand Road

In direction Portmarnock village, just after the Portmarnock Hotel, you come to the Artworks Cafe, go as far as the next bus-stop, then on your left hand side in the wall is the gate into a field with a track leading directly to the old graveyard.
(The field used to be a cattle field that John Ryan of Tamango Nightclub used to graze cattle on, a local joke being that he put a nicer gate on his new ‘farm’…. ).

There was a Well near the church, where the locals used to celebrate ‘Patrons Day’ in August and make rounds of the Well.
The Well-pilgrimages stopped when Mr. Jameson diverted the water to the near by cattle pond and filled the Holy Well.

Pass The Bus Stop, Gate in wall left.

Pass The Bus Stop, Gate in wall left.





St. Marnock’s Graveyard Gallery

Entrance & Exit

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Buildings of Ireland ie

Saint Marnock’s Presbyterian Church

    There is an old church at ‘Old Portmarnock’, near the Portmarnock Raceway beside Plunketts Cottages which sometimes gets confused with St.Marnock’s on Strand Road.

    Built 1780, located beside the raceway in what is now called ‘Old Portmarnock’, but was in its day Portmarnock.
    1881 the parish of ‘old Portmarnock’ was united with Malahide and the church itself closed down in 1960 and sold privately.

    Saint Marnock’s Presbyterian Church (former), Old Road, Portmarnock, Fingal


    Old Portmarnock Graveyard is under the ownership of
    Fingal Co Council

    Graveyard Ownership



    It was proposed by Councillor P.Coyle and seconded by Councillor D.O’Brien :
    That the old St Marnock’s Cemetery (adjacent to Strand Road, Portmarnock) and St. Marnock’s Well be examined and recommendations drawn up for restoration and long term maintenance, under the Heritage/Conservation Programme” The following report by the Manager was READ:
    “A site visit was carried out in late March 2006 by the Conservation Research Officer, with regard to the banking of sand/earth on the golf course close to the graveyard walls and to assess the current state of St. Marnock’s Well.  The Conservation Research Officer was unable to determine the exact location of St. Marnock’s Well at this time as there is no visible trace above ground and was therefore unable to assess its current state.  A local landowner is reputed to have destroyed the well in the middle of the 19th century.
    The church and gaveyard site is in private ownership.  Both it and the well are Protected Structures and Recorded Monuments.  Therefore, any plans for the restoration of the well and works to the graveyard of church would have to be acceptable to the National Monuments Section of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government and would have to be agreed to by the actual owners of the site.  A historic description of the well indicates that it had a larger circular pool with sixteen steps leading down to it, with an old willow tree bent over it.  The restoration of the well as described may not be appropriate or feasible, however the Conservation Officer will seek to arrange a meeting between the National Monuments Area Archaeologist, the land owner, as well as Council staff to discuss this matter and the issue of the long term maintenance of the site.”It was AGREED that Ms. Fionnuala May, Senior Architect, will report back to the Area Committee following discussion with the Heritage Officer and district archaeologist.

    Visit The Gallery For Graveyard Photos.  Do Post Any Photos You Have.  Contact The WebMaster.

    St. Marnock’s Church



    Submitted on 2012/04/16 at 1:24 am

    My grandmother Esther (Eva) Ryan Kerins is buried there she died 20th may 1921
    Carmel Kerins O Rourke

    Submitted on 2009/10/01 at 12:09 pm

    The Lord Mayor of Dublin Laurence O’Neill 1917 – 1924 is interned in St Marnocks Cemetry. His and his wifes grave are to the very front facing the golf course.

    He was Lord Mayor when the first dail ( 1918 unoffical) sat in the Mansion house.

    Do you know if there is progress with the restoration plan for the cemetery?
    Ciaran Carrigg

    Submitted on 2009/07/24 at 1:48 am

    I was there in April 2009 and someone had been surveying the inscriptions on the stones – you could see the chalk they used. I suggest you contact the Malahide Historical Society they are on the web.

    Submitted on 2009/06/17 at 9:08 pm

    I live in Canada and my grandfather/grand uncle
    aunt/uncle are buried there. I tried to find the grave
    a few years ago with no luck. If any one has any info
    please let me know.
    Thank You……
    Rita McMahon

    Many Thanks for you comments do continue to post !


2 comments on “GRAVE & WELL

  1. Good to see that it is very tidy now and you can walk around if only I could find records of where Grandfather & family are buried. Another Graveyard Kinsealy is also looking as bad as St. Marnock’s was. Thanks

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