Leaving St. Marnock`s Graveyard on Strand Road Portmarnock

Entrance & Exit

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Gate Entrance To St. Marnock’s Graveyard

St. Marnock’s Graveyard Strand Road Portmarnock

Gate on Strand Road

Gate on Strand Road

In direction Portmarnock village, just after the Portmarnock Hotel, you come to the Artworks Cafe, go as far as the next bus-stop, then on your left hand side in the wall is the gate into a field with a track leading directly to the old graveyard.
(The field used to be a cattle field that John Ryan of Tamango Nightclub used to graze cattle on, a local joke being that he put a nicer gate on his new ‘farm’…. ).

There was a Well near the church, where the locals used to celebrate ‘Patrons Day’ in August and make rounds of the Well.
The Well-pilgrimages stopped when Mr. Jameson diverted the water to the near by cattle pond and filled the Holy Well.

Pass The Bus Stop, Gate in wall left.

Pass The Bus Stop, Gate in wall left.





St. Marnock’s Graveyard Gallery

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Saint Marnock’s Presbyterian Church